Selenium IDE plugin allows easy integration of Selenium IDE web automation commands within BIAMI business process automation framework. This simplifies web automation for businesses and eliminates the need for technical expertise.

Users can record automation scripts using Selenium IDE browser extension and add commands to their BIAMI automation processes. Common use cases include web scraping automation and web-based user interface testing automation.

Plugin Properties

  • webbrowser

    Webbrowser's IP address and PORT for remote debugging access. Syntax: IP:PORT.
    Example: webbrowser=

  • runcommand

    Selenium IDE command (documentation).
    Selection of supported commands: storeattribute, storeinnerhtml, storetext, storexpathcount, click, type, pause, select, editcontent, mouseover, executescript.

  • target

    Selenium IDE target field value (DOM locator).

  • value

    Selenium IDE value field.

  • capturedata

    Save additional data into a file. Supported values: no, value, title, url and pagesource.

  • webdriver

    Webdriver name and version. Syntax: name:version. Example:

  • capturedata

    Save additional data into a file.

    Supported values: none, id, usage, finish_reason. Values can be mixed in one string.


  • selenium_ide-101

    Introduction to Selenium IDE Plugin with Simple Web Data Scraping Examples.

  • Intelligent Web Automation - Compliance

    This example shows how to implement process to comply with EU regulations by reviewing all new legislations published at