What is BIAMI Software?

An easy-to-use, secure and scalable, enterprise-ready, intelligent automation software framework to automate your work and build AI-powered, business process-driven solutions, platforms and robots.
BIAMI.DEV is a free, open-source framework for building and testing automation.
Use BIAMI Enterprise Edition to build production-ready clusters and run automation at scale.


Use business language to define your automation processes, rules, context and future change requirements.


Translate business language into context-aware, quality-approved, scalable and secure automated technology.

No Limits

Get any data and connect to any system, modern and legacy or the internet using native connectors, APIs or RPA and web automation.

Open Source

Crowdsourced by hundreds of developers technology with highest security and code quality standards.


Top SLA, vendor-supported technology and success programs available for a smooth automation journey.


Join hundreds of other BIAMI automation developers worldwide and deliver robust automation 10X faster!

What will you automate?

Repetitive tasks, business processes and more complex use cases like cloud services and software provisioning, configuration and management are typical automation use cases for BIAMI Automation Software.

It supports three different types of automation:

  • Business Process Automation
  • IT Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation

BIAMI automation software enables seamless integration of diverse automation techniques, technologies, and systems within a single process or cluster. This allows for the effective amalgamation of various automated processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations.

How will you automate?

  • Draw

    Start with drawing the process you want to automate. Use any tool you're familiar with or a piece of paper. Once completed, list your process tasks and rules as a sequence in stages. Split complex processes. Designing and managing smaller processes that run in a sequence is easier.

  • Design

    Copy your list of tasks and rules as business tasks in the BIAMI Design template. Translate each business task into a number of technical tasks. Assign automation scripts to your technical tasks to automate them.

  • Deploy

    Import your process design into BIAMI.DEV, test, improve and deploy.