BIAMI Dev is an optimized, tiny-size software written in Java with embedded SQLite database that you can run on anything: from RaspberryPI through Desktops and Servers to any Cloud.

The purpose is very simple: create templates for repeatable automation processes with the possibility to add context via parameters that can be changed each time you execute the automation process.
Automation processes can be requested to run with different parameters each time. Think of repeatable processes like creating and sending pdf reports based on a common template to each of your customers. Another example is to onboard your new customer. Each of them requires a simple process to be executed with different parameters.

Every process can have many stages and multiple tasks per stage. Processes can be described in 2 different ways: high-level business tasks and detailed technical automation tasks. You can use filters to display description that fits your profile.

Automation processes can be forked, extended and improved.

BIAMI Dev is open-source software and you can download it for free.
It's great to build and run automation on your computer.
It runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

BIAMI Enterprise Edition (EE) is commercial open-source software that you can use to run automation at scale.

You can freely move your designed automation between BIAMI Dev and EE without making any changes.